Hi! I am Somsubhra

I write code :)

Things I made...


Aurel is a virtual electronics lab generated using augmented reality. It is still 'work in progress'.


Studyclan is a platform for sharing knowledge by asking questions, giving answers and sharing information.

Read For Blind

Read For Blind is an application to enable visually impaired to read, where the phone reads out physical books, cards, etc.


VDoc+ is a web application which predicts disease the patient is suffering from based on symptoms of user.

Super Sonic

Super Sonic is a racing game using game physics and artificial intelligence. Made in panda3d and one night.


Whistle is a voice controlled music player working with user's voice commands like 'play', 'pause', 'stop'.


Cosmos is my attempts at making a minimalistic and simple web browser using the Qt frameworks.


Gramophone is my attempts to make a cross platform media player using Qt frameworks to play all sorts of audio and video files.


FlySim is a flight simulator using python and arduino, taking input from an accelerometer based hardware.